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Ignite Potential

Personal Leadership

As Leaders of the business, you hold tremendous power. Power of personality and position.

You shape your people, your business and its culture.

Continue your investment so others lead, inspired by you.

Powerful Leadership

The qualities and actions of your leadership define what it takes to succeed and how it feels to be led by you. Others will lead, inspired by you.

We work with strategic leaders: emerging, newly appointed, experienced and those at the top of the tree. They all bring a depth of experience and a shared focus of using their leadership as a force for good. They are looking for an approach that is uniquely tailored to their context; one that will drive performance and impact over and above what they have already achieved.

Make the impact that matters today

  • Our 1:1 coaching will be linked to organisational strategy.
  • It always includes a clear understanding of what success looks like, and clarity of what you want to be different at the end of our time together.
  • It will include progress reviews, two tripartites and tailored in between work.
  • It will include progress against objectives and your reflections on business impact
  • It may include psychometrics and feedback.
  • It will be confidential within the duty of law and duty of care.

Those two tripartites (three-way conversations) with you, your coach and your sponsor (this might be the chair or CEO) serve to ensure organisational clarity and alignment

  • One at the beginning
  • The second at the half way point to review progress and next steps.

There will be in-between work you will want to do and some we will suggest. Our focus is transforming reflection into action and measurable impact. We close with a completion review for you to plan and sustain your development once the coaching comes to an end.

All tailored to you, your objectives, your learning style, your organisational context, pace and purpose.

Individual Leadership Coaching

Fine tuning

We work with you to fine tune what you already bring. We expect you to leave our work together, with increased skills, awareness and choice.

You are likely to be at a critical juncture in your leadership and would value strategic thinking time to hold yourself to account.

You know that incisive action and “powerful understanding of problems, solutions and opportunities” will be quicker and more sustainable with the right thinking partner.

Why choose us?

We are told it’s:

“quality of understanding organisational, personal and commercial dynamics”

“insight and ability to translate those into meaningful, tangible action”.

Our clients put it more elegantly than we ever will…

abamentis - who we work with

abamentis has worked with leaders and teams for over 30 years. Our work is through recommendation and repeat engagements from long standing relationships.

Clients who have chosen us include Deloitte, GSK and...

all logos used with permission

Client Feedback

Very powerful and revealing conversations

“I’ve noticed that Suzanne establishes rapport and trust with people extremely quickly which lead to a willingness on their part to explore with her feelings and motivations at a deep level. This creates the foundation for very powerful and revealing conversations.”


Real issues and questions they need to address

“She gets people to open up and be honest. Creates a trusting and non-threatening environment. Makes people think about the real issues and questions they need to address.”


Explore the root causes of their challenges

“Suzanne is perceptive to see beyond the objectives her client initially identifies. This enables her to help clients explore the root causes of their challenges. She will pick up on the smallest signal which suggests that what is being said is not the full picture. Without leading her clients during sessions, she enables those clients to make their own discoveries.”



Have a conversation with Suzanne

If you would like to explore how abamentis can support you and your business then do book in for a one hour chemistry session with me.

No charge – our investment in you.

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Have a conversation with Suzanne Lines

If you would like to explore how abamentis can support you and your business, let's have a conversation.

No charge – our investment in you.

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Client Sector’s include

Pharma, Oil & Gas, FMCG, Telecoms, Defence, Sport, Education, UK Military, Investment Banking, Financial Services, Professional Services: Legal and Accounting, Central Government, Third Sector, Faith, Leadership, CNI Critical National Infrastructure.


Pro Bono Commitment

Windsor Leadership

Organisations we support

The Book Trust;
The Trussell Trust;
The RAF Benevolent Fund

Get In Touch

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