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PoWeR™ – How are You using Yours?

You hold power of position and power of personality. We work with both. Those you lead are reading you. You are shaping the culture, setting the tone and pace for what is really required to progress.  

Revisit your use of power. It is defining your leadership.

About PoWeR™

PoWeR™ has been inspired by conversations with our clients over the last 30 years. There has been a golden thread in each and every conversation and context: power and how it has been experienced. How it has been used, lost and abused. The word power has very often not even featured in those conversations, but its impact has left its mark.

We all have stories of successes and disappointments arising from the impact we’ve had on others and their impact on us.

We describe it as the Wake you leave behind. It is central to our work.

Fine tune your leadership and your use of PoWeR™.

“I wish I’d heard these when I was CEO”

Former CEO


Purpose – outcome – Wake – evidence – Relationships

The Wake you and your teams leave behind

We look at what your organisation is looking to achieve and how that links to Purpose for you, the business and your teams.  We align that with what needs to be different and the Outcome you are looking to achieve. The work we do in abamentis is particularly focussed on the Wake you and your teams create. Understanding your key stakeholders both internal and external will shape the Evidence required to demonstrate progress and sustainable growth. The strength of your business relies on the quality of Relationships and how you relate.

We work on your relationship with yourself and your relationships with others: colleagues, teams, bosses and clients.

What elements of your PoWeR, could benefit from further fine tuning?

–  How is it to be led by you?
– How do you partner, innovate and team?
– Can you and do you have the difficult conversations together?

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.”

– Lao Tzu 

Our Services

We work with leaders and teams as they hone their skills and refine how they lead. The possibilities of any organisation lie within its Leaders.

How you use the power of your position, your personality and your experience shapes the culture and tone of your organisation for your teams, your colleagues and for your clients. Make the difference that matters.

Personal Leadership

1:1 coaching for strategic leaders. Refuel, reset & refine your leadership for the challenges of today & tomorrow.

Top Team Performance

Team coaching to accelerate top team performance. Reboot, revitalise & refine for the challenges of today & tomorrow

Conflict & Mediation

Mediation for times when relationships are stuck. Find common purpose, shared values. Refresh & reset ways of working.

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Client Sector’s include

Pharma, Oil & Gas, FMCG, Telecoms, Defence, Sport, Education, UK Military, Investment Banking, Financial Services, Professional Services: Legal and Accounting, Central Government, Third Sector, Faith, Leadership, CNI Critical National Infrastructure.


Pro Bono Commitment

Windsor Leadership

Organisations we support

The Book Trust;
The Trussell Trust;
The RAF Benevolent Fund

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