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Enhancing Personal Leadership

Coaching top individuals, developing capacity for optimum and sustainable performance.

Accelerating Top Team Performance

Coaching and facilitating successful senior leadership teams, fine tuning behaviours for high performance.

Resolving Conflict, Enabling Change

Through work place mediation, we can strengthen the capacity of your team. Resolving conflict will boost your leadership capacity.

Organisations we are proud to have worked with include leading global pharma company, Big 4 firm, UK defence company, the armed forces and…

Logos used with permission.

“I know that I (and the other people Suzanne worked with in our leadership group) all came away with a much stronger sense of their capability and a much greater belief in the decisions and choices they wanted to make. Suzanne has a quite profound impact on those she supports.”




“Suzanne will get to the heart of any blockages of progress in you or your organizations people. She enables the forensic examination of a problem whilst maintaining the value and worth of the individuals she is working with.”




“Suzanne can also facilitate the types of conversation that enable higher level vision and strategy that can really put the energy behind planning and development processes to achieve much more than expected.”




“She will get you results
She will understand your circumstances however complex
Very enjoyable experience
Can be challenging but that is what you want from a premium coaching service.”




“She is skilled in managing conflict and puts a lot of work into understanding the issues and the individuals involved. She is incredibly well prepared. Her approach is flexible and tailor-made. She laughs easily and encourages a lightness of touch, whilst taking the task in hand seriously.”




“She quickly creates trust and intimacy She doesn’t let anyone off the hook and is very approachable and knows her stuff – but responds to what you want to achieve and is good at ensuring expectations are realistic.”




“If you really want to get underneath the “human” issues that are holding back performance then you need Suzanne. This won’t be about workshops trying to decide on a series of actions; it will be about helping you and your team to work out what each of you can do to be the most effective leaders of your people. Expect to come out of it with a much deeper understanding of what’s holding you back and how you can break through those barriers.”