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Conflict & Mediation

Every organisation has its frictions. Strong working relationships built over time can break down gradually, and in a moment.  Working with conflict is a core leadership skill.

abamentis workplace mediation can resolve tensions and build even stronger working relationships.

Invest in dealing with conflict. You can retain staff and strengthen leadership.

Powerful Conversations

Natural tensions often exist between teams within the business and when those natural tensions escalate, work place mediation can transform difficult conflictual relationships.

We share skills and insights that can smooth those areas of resistance.

Conversation that matters with abamentis

  • abamentis workplace mediation will involve individual 1:1s with all parties
  • It will include group sessions
  • It may include other key stakeholders
  • It will be focused on resolving conflicts efficiently and sustainably
  • It can often include psychometrics
  • It will be confidential within the duty of law and duty of care

abamentis will manage boundaries and hierarchies to respect the systems to which you belong.

We will include tailored pre-work to maximise time, task and relationship.

Conflict & mediation

Dealing with conflict and difficult conversations are critical leadership skills

Any time lost through conflict or workarounds affects retention and profit. The results are a loss of energy, drive and insight and a culture that won’t tolerate difficult conversations. Not sustainable for any business. Dealing with difficult conversations can further strengthen your business and your leadership capacity

Why choose abamentis?

Clients tells us it’s our

“ability to navigate the interpersonal with the interorganisational”

“The blend of commercial and psychological dynamics”

“The focus on organisational, personal and professional results”.

Our clients put it more elegantly than we ever will…

abamentis - who we work with

abamentis has worked with leaders and teams for over 30 years. Our work is through recommendation and repeat engagements from long standing relationships.

Clients who have chosen us include Deloitte, GSK and...

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Client Feedback – Suzanne Lines

Effective working relationships

“Effective working relationships don’t always just happen as a matter of course and when they misfire or go wrong, the temptation for many is either to ditch the relationship and bring someone else in or just carry on and hope for the best. Both approaches can be extremely wasteful and costly, particularly for a small or medium sized firm. Hiring Suzanne Lines is a very low risk and effective alternative.”


Empathy, Expertise, Safety, Self Awareness

“Suzanne Lines is exceptional on the above four levels: Conversations with her feel safe with minimal risk of blowing up or making the situation worse. She communicates with great empathy and is expert in leading people to a new state of self awareness. Suzanne uses conceptual frameworks to good effect but unlike other consultants or coaches she doesn’t push them or try to shoe horn you into one favoured framework.”


Suzanne Lines creates an environment and space where difficult conversations and challenge can occur

“Suzanne Lines is able to create an environment and space where difficult conversations and challenge can occur without anyone leaving feeling negative. I believe this is critical to the success of any work of this nature – people often think or say they need help with strategic planning or change management, but stripping it back, the genuine barriers are often centred around communication and open dialogue.”



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Client Sector’s include

Pharma, Oil & Gas, FMCG, Telecoms, Defence, Sport, Education, UK Military, Investment Banking, Financial Services, Professional Services: Legal and Accounting, Central Government, Third Sector, Faith, Leadership, CNI Critical National Infrastructure.


Pro Bono Commitment

Windsor Leadership

Organisations we support

The Book Trust;
The Trussell Trust;
The RAF Benevolent Fund

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