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About Us

abamentis has been trading since 1997 and since 2000 we have been honing our ability to fine tune performance with senior leaders and teams

We focus on transition and transformational growth.


  • Strengthen capacity through 1:1 Executive and Team Coaching, Supervision and Mediation.
  • Create tailored programmes enabling you to meet your leadership and commercial objectives aligning personal, professional and organisational needs.
  • Build on strengths and capacity by getting underneath the unspoken dynamics and unlocking even greater performance and impact.

About You

Our clients are highly motivated, successful people working in demanding and competitive environments. The pace of change means that they know they can never stand still for long. They are looking for ways to fully ignite their personal and organisational potential.

They describe

  • Leaving challenged, supported, reinvigorated.
  • Having greater resources.
  • Leading with greater impact.

Our Social Commitment

We are committed to development, support and education in the broadest sense. That is why since 2005, we have and continue to donate 10% of our time to organisations that share those beliefs.

Charities like Brandon Trust, Circomedia, Save the Children, Teach First and Windsor Leadership.

Our particular focus for 2019 includes, Windsor Leadership, the International Coach Federation, Cancer Research and Save the Children.

Code of Ethics

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Professional Memberships

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Accreditation and Training


“ab a mentis”

ab-a-mentis – our work is about fine tuning what you already have. We created the name to reflect that fine tuning and your courage to shift mindset and create change.

ab – out of, from or in conjunction with…towards or away from
a – the first in a set, the 6th note of the diatonic scale, used for tuning
mens, mentis – of the mind, reason, intellect, plan, intention, objective, courage

Our start point “ab” enabled us to move close to the top of the list!