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About abamentis

We work with senior leaders and their teams as you set the tone, culture and pace of your organisation. 

Our work is tailored to your organisational context so you can focus on the fine tuning of your skills and your impact.

We invest in your leadership so you continue to motive and inspire.

About abamentis

We tailor everything we do, bringing a blend of commercial and psychological underpinning for personal, team and business growth. We work systemically, taking into account your stakeholders, histories of belonging and purpose so the changes you choose to implement will be sustainable.

All of our work is through referral and recommendation.

  • A limited company trading since 1986
  • We have held preferred supplier status for many years with over 10 organisations
  • We work across sector and across geography so we continue to build the breadth of organisational challenge and insight we can bring
  • We have access to selected associates and advisors so we can ensure our work is entirely bespoke

Why abamentis?

We have won work when our competitors were larger, more global and had longer more established relationships with our soon to be client. We were told we won the work because of how we listened and tailored our services accordingly.

Benefits of working with us

These are some of the benefits our clients have described and evidenced:

  • Faster buy in to vision and strategy
  • Increased prominence across the business
  • Accelerated career progression
  • Greater leadership presence and impact, through sustainable change
  • Enhanced vision and action
  • Increased confidence and resilience
  • Increased ability in dealing with volatility and ambiguity
  • Greater understanding of cultural drivers, strengths and derailers leading to more trusted client relationships
  • Stronger more robust internal relationships, less silo working and greater collaboration amongst teams
  • Promotion, retention and greater ability to deal with conflict
  • Transformation of single service delivery to multidisciplinary work with clients
  • Strengthened C Suite client relationships
  • Transferable skills and tools for use across the organisation

All described having achieved more than they thought possible: quicker progress, more sustainable change, enhanced choices in how they lead, motivate and inspire.

Our Social Commitment

We are committed to development, support and growth which is why since 2005, we have and continue to donate 10% of our time to organisations that share those commitments. We have invested that 10%  in organisations such as Brandon Trust, Circomedia, Save the Children, the International Coach Foundation, Teach First, Windsor Leadership, In Kind Direct, Royal Voluntary Services, Abbeyfield.

Our financial contributions have included: Cancer Research and The Royal Airforce Benevolent Fund.

Our particular focus for pro bono time in 2022 includes: Windsor Leadership and with them, The Florence Nightingale Foundation, In Kind Direct.

Founding abamentis 

So what’s in the name?

When creating our company name, we wanted to incorporate fine tuning and the courage required to shift mindset and create change. Inspired by the power of language: how it can hinder and how it can inspire we turned to Latin, the source of Suzanne’s love of the romance languages:

ab – out of, from or in conjunction with…towards or away from

a – the first in a set, the 6th note of the diatonic scale, used for tuning

mens, mentis – of the mind, reason, intellect, plan, intention, objective, courage

We work with you to fine tune and build on what you already have. We identify what you are moving away from and working towards. We work with your courage to use your power to shape, challenge, create and grow.

Clients who have chosen to work with us include

Deloitte, GSK, Orange Business Services, Nationwide, UK Sport, Windsor Leadership…

“By three methods we may learn wisdom: First, by reflection, which is noblest; Second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third by experience, which is the bitterest.”

– Confucious

Our Working Principles –
Shared Expectations for You and for Us  

A – Adult to Adult

We are and we work with seasoned professionals. Our life experiences have taught us different things. That requires respect and acknowledgement of difference and experience in all guises We aim to work in an Adult to Adult way with challenge and support.  We will always work to maintain the relationship. We will say what we think, even if that means we might lose the work.

B – Bold Plays

We expect the work you wish to do will make a tangible impact in terms of people, planet, profit and purpose. We will be listening out for the bold plays you want to make and will bring our A game to help you deliver.

A – Agile

We will always have a plan.  We will be clear on the outcome you are looking to achieve. With that in mind we will be flexible and agile and respond in the moment to changes that occur. We’ve worked hard to ensure a depth of experience that enables us to be responsive and maximise opportunities arising in sessions: team time, 1:1 coaching and mediation.

M – Meaningful

We need to understand how the changes you want to make align with strategy. Your own personal strategy and the strategic goals and ambitions of the organisation. That knowledge brings a rigour and robustness to our challenge and support. It ensures we include the appropriate stakeholders and consider the strategic and systemic impact of the changes you want to make

E – Evidence based

We’re practitioners at heart. We take an evidence based approach and look for examples that will work in practice. We need to know what you want to be different so we can tailor our work to create the evidence based impact you are looking to achieve. 

N – Now

Contexts change. We live with volatility, ambiguity and an incredible pace of change. Language, behaviours and norms change over time. Our work needs to be centred around the context of today’s needs to set you up for today’s and tomorrow’s successes.

T – Tailored

You bring a host of experiences already. The fun for us is tailoring what we do with you so you achieve more with what you already have

I – Insight

If there isn’t any, what’s the point of our work together? We expect you to leave our time together with greater insights and strategies that you will implement and integrate into your everyday working practice.

S – Sustainable

We will be looking at the best ways to ensure that any changes you wish to make are with you for the long term. Integrating action with values, beliefs and purpose is one of the surest ways we know to make sustainable change stick.

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Client Sector’s include

Pharma, Oil & Gas, FMCG, Telecoms, Defence, Sport, Education, UK Military, Investment Banking, Financial Services, Professional Services: Legal and Accounting, Central Government, Third Sector, Faith, Leadership, CNI Critical National Infrastructure.


Pro Bono Commitment

Windsor Leadership

Organisations we support

The Book Trust;
The Trussell Trust;
The RAF Benevolent Fund

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