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What We Do

We work with individuals and teams in demanding competitive environments to fine tune performance and impact.

We strengthen capacity, build resources and resilience.

We focus on sustainable impact for you and your organisation.

We specialise in transition and transformational growth.

We coach top individuals to deliver and sustain great impact. Fresh challenges will be enhanced with strategic thinking time. With an independent sounding board, you will make progress quicker and more efficiently. Pace of change will be faster and more sustainable.

We meet with you initially to understand the challenge and check for “chemistry” session to see if we both feel we can work together. There’s no charge for this. It is part of our investment.

We may include psychometrics or 360 degree feedback. We will meet with all parties involved to ensure personal, professional and organisational alignment. We design a programme to meet your specific needs and organisational time frame. There are no hard and fast rules, except for a meeting with all parties. The key is that it supports your organisational need. Our work is tailored to what’s best for you and your circumstances. We will advise on best practice given the challenges, themes and timeframe you describe.

Client Feedback

“Suzanne does all the stuff that really good coaches do but manages to suffuse it with warmth and enthusiasm. She creates a very protected environment in which you can share some pretty difficult and powerful things without every feeling judged or inadequate”

“Suzanne has an uncanny knack of getting right to the heart of any issue; not by pouncing on the problem but gently encouraging you to work out what it is that’s stopping you achieving what you want.
She’s an astute reader of body language and brings lots of empathy to the tricky people issues (ourselves and others) that we all need to resolve in our senior teams.
I always leave a session with Suzanne feeling lighter and clearer”


“She brings solutions and results that are very client focused in a way that is extremely engaging. She has a wide range of business experience on which she has built a strong foundation. In addition her depth of coaching training means that she has a breadth of techniques to suit many coaching scenarios”
Deputy MD