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“I’ve much enjoyed working with Suzanne, first within a group setting at the Windsor Leadership Trust and then as a client for a very specific engagement. The awareness I developed in both settings has made a real difference to me, Read more


“I’ve noticed that Suzanne establishes rapport and trust with people extremely quickly which lead to a willingness on their part to explore with her feelings and motivations at a deep level. This creates the foundation for very powerful and revealing Read more


“Suzanne is exceptional on the above four levels: Conversations with her feel safe with minimal risk of blowing up or making the situation worse. She communicates with great empathy and is expert in leading people to a new state of Read more


“Because Suzanne will help you understand yourself and your colleagues better and identify barriers to progress in your organisation.”Read more


“Getting people to open up and be honest. Creating a trusting and non-threatening environment. Making people think about the real issues and questions they need to address.”Read more