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Team Coaching for New and Experienced Teams

Team coaching for new and experienced teams – building stronger team dynamics

At times of change and challenge, teams benefit from re-evaluating how they engage with each other and their teams.

You may be a new or experienced team; you will have high personal and organisational expectations.

Effective working dynamics are the difference that enable you to deliver strong, sustainable results.

Teams come away with greater insight, resilience and commitment on how to lead and work more effectively together.

The organisation and their teams benefit from greater consistency and shared vision.

How Leaders use our Team Coaching

Leaders use team coaching at significant times of change and opportunity:

  • To look at team behaviours required for the challenges ahead
  • To refine new ways of working
  • To embed a new team identity and behaviours required
  • To resource the team in significant times of change (bullet change)

With teams so focused on task and delivery, an increased understanding of behaviours and values, enables teams to have more open dialogue and greater shared understanding. We offer practical insights to save you time.

This enables quicker resolution of issues, greater creativity and more open dialogue – productivity is increased.

“Gets to know the heart of a situations and focusses on the people involved to understand what will advance the team.”


How We Work Together

Typically, we work with senior leadership teams meeting them both as individuals and as a team over a 4-6 week period for a first kick off session. You can expect visible results from the first meeting. In the last 10 years, we have learned and developed a range of techniques that enable us to take a very tailored approach for each situation. Every team is different. When it comes down to it, most of the issues are likely to arise from how you work together rather than what you do.

Experienced leaders and teams already have considerable experience to bring. These early sessions indicate the opportunities, the issues, the tone and style required for this next stage of development. Our role is to tailor the programme of team time to fit and stretch the individuals involved whilst ensuring organisational impact.

“Suzanne will get to the heart of any blockages of progress in you or your organizations people. She enables the forensic examination of a problem whilst maintaining the value and worth of the individuals she is working with. Suzanne can also facilitate the types of conversation that enable higher level vision and strategy that can really put the energy behind planning and development processes to achieve much more than expected.”


Client Feedback

“I know that I (and the other people Suzanne worked with in our leadership group) all came away with a much stronger sense of their capability and a much greater belief in the decisions and choices they wanted to make. Suzanne has a quite profound impact on those she supports.”


“Suzanne will help you understand yourself and your colleagues better and identify barriers to progress in your organisation.”


“Suzanne is extremely knowledgeable with a range of techniques and tools…she will understand a unique situation and will tailor her approach according to the team and the situation. She is insightful…inspires confidence in those she is working as a mentor or part of a team. She can see the horizon and helps her clients to focus…”