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Team Coaching for Client Service Teams

Working with the Lead Client Service Partners and their client service teams to deliver exceptional client service.

We focus on your client’s needs and look their definition of exceptional client service. This will define the kind of team you need to be, to deliver the service your clients are expecting.

With such deep technical expertise at their disposal, client service teams can neglect the time to understand their relationship with the client and how they client buys.

Clients experience a more relational and unified approach.

Teams move from a service line delivery to a relationship and issue based approach.

Client feedback is improved with increased opportunities to tender.

Revenues and opportunities increase.

How Leaders use our Team Coaching

Industry Leaders and Lead Client Service Partners use team coaching to kickstart new client opportunities and strengthen existing relationships.

The relationships may be just at the beginning, or there are significant opportunities which require particular and focused attention.

Members of the team are often deep experts in their own technical area of expertise and may focus on their own service line delivery.

Coming together as a team offers the opportunities to share client insights and create solutions for clients that are issued based rather than purely service line led. Many teams are working on this and know they could be even better.

“Suzanne has really helped us raise our ambition. She sees the possibilities and the bigger picture. She makes sure we think strategically about our relationships with the board and key stakeholders. As a team we have developed hugely over the last year, we’re building the global team and now have relationships at board level. Revenues have increased and we’ve got there quicker than we would have if we had worked alone.”

Global Lead Client Service Partner (Global LCSP)

How We Work Together

Most client service teams will set aside a minimum of half a day to work together as a team.

In preparation for that, the industry lead or the LCSP Lead Client Service Partner will meet with their coach to identify needs and share the current state of the relationship.

Key research will be undertaken to step into the client’s shoes. Identifying the key strategic issues and relationships across the firm form the bedrock of next steps.

The team time will integrate client needs and the dynamics of how the team work together.

There are usually (if not always) connections and contacts made in that client service team meeting – teams usually have data, contacts and insights that they don’t know are relevant to the rest of the team.

Team time enables strengthened client relationships and greater service delivery.

“Suzanne has coached and supported our client account team in the establishment phases of the team collaboration. In this role, Suzanne has made a significant impact in the alignment of the team and in enabling the team and me as a team lead in finding a constructive collaboration and in building the team. The impact is clearly a stronger performing team than before, sharing a common goal and commitment to this goal.”

Lead Client Service Partner (LCSP)

Client Feedback

“She’s good at raising the level of ambition and giving confidence to the team to be ambitious and realistic.”

Global LCSP

“She asks great questions, questioning the why we’re doing things and helping the team think strategically about the senior stakeholders.”

Global LCSP

“We’ve built such trust that her value to me as LCSP is also very personal to me and my leadership. She offers feedback in a very practical way, offering tangible insights on what she’s seen and heard, always with my aims and ambitions in mind.”

Global Lead Client Service Partner (Global LCSP)

“She helps build the excitement in the team by seeing the possibilities and breaking things down into practical tangible steps.”

Global LCSP

“Really value her personal feedback to me as LCSP: its specific, personal and practical.”

Global LCSP