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Supervision for Coaches

Our commitment to developing our profession includes coach supervision for new and experienced coaches.
As a professional coach, coach supervision is a critical part of our personal and professional development to ensure we maintain the highest possible standards with regards to our client delivery and developing our own capacity as professionals whether we are working 1:1, in groups or in teams.

We offer 1:1 supervision and group supervision, working face to face and on the phone.

If you are interested in group or 1:1 supervision, do get in touch with Suzanne:

E: suzanne@abamentis.com
M: +44 (0) 7887 897 993

What Coaching Supervision includes

A forum for reflection

  • A space for active reflection on your work as a professional
  • Noticing your patterns, the patterns of your client and the organisation and the patterns we create

A forum for accountability where

  • We review, reflect, monitor, consider and dissect with the purpose of learning
  • Ethical and professional issues are considered
  • We reflect on the various stakeholders and assure that quality is being maintained

A focus on experiential learning

  • How you are doing your work
  • Reflecting on your work
  • Drawing out the learning and applying that learning