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Resolving Conflict, Enabling Change

Through work place mediation, we can strengthen the capacity of your team. Resolving conflict will boost your leadership capacity.

Some teams or relationships, although made up of highly motivated and qualified individuals, are not yet as effective as they need to be. When it’s proving difficult to cut though the invisible barriers then we can help. Use the conflict as a catalyst to strengthen your team.

Conflict within teams can be healthy and productive, particularly when the environment enables issues to be discussed, understood and addressed. Healthy conflict is a pre-requisite for creativity so learning to disagree well is key.

Themes Clients Bring

Increased pressure to maximise resources and work with less can result in stress between teams and a focus on task. It might appear that the process is the issue, many times it will be the relationship rather than the task that will unlock the conflict.

  • Different ways of working getting in the way of cross departmental indicatives
  • Clashes amongst team members getting in the way of strategic business debate
  • Wanting to disagree in a healthier way
  • Toxic environment with conflict and duplication between departments

“I’ve seen Suzanne achieve tangible results in a field which is sometimes not adequately focussed on hard outcomes. This sort of work requires a significant amount of time investment from various stakeholders, so to be confident that there will be real results is critical.”


Client Feedback

“Suzanne helped me to run a team building workshop and did 1:1 coaching sessions with everyone in turn. This helped us to uncover individual concerns and then have a facilitated discussion to address key issues. We were also able to acknowledge every team member’s value and contribution to the department’s aims.

Despite all our best efforts to turn the team around, following the workshop all but one member of the team left. We treated this as an opportunity to develop a clear departmental strategy with a view to sharing with new team members and the wider organisation.

A year on, we have a strong and high performing department with a happy and productive team. My early days in this role were certainly a baptism of fire but Suzanne helped me to use the adversity as a key learning opportunity and turn the situation round.”


“She is skilled in managing conflict and puts a lot of work into understanding the issues and the individuals involved. She is incredibly well prepared. Her approach is flexible and tailor-made. She laughs easily and encourages a lightness of touch, whilst taking the task in hand seriously.”


“I absolutely wouldn’t have been in this place 6 months ago and all your interventions have really helped that and so thank you for all the honesty, effort and tailoring to my quirks.”

Divisional Director

“Suzanne is able to make everyone who she works with feel like they are highly respected by her and that they add value to their organisation and the people they work with.
– she brings a wealth and depth of experience.
– she creates a calm environment in any situation.”


“Suzanne worked with me, our chief operating officer and the two individuals over a period of several months mediating between these individuals and helping them to improve their working relationship. She provided useful feedback to me and the CEO which we have been able to draw on to good effect so as to keep the two colleagues on track.”