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We work to resolve conflict and enable change through workplace mediation.

Leaders use Workplace Mediation when relationships are under stress or have all but broken down.

You are a high achiever, with ambitious aims, wanting to achieve more.

Teams can waste time working around a sub optimal relationship. Working through the conflict will have a beneficial impact on the rest of the team and can lay the foundations for more effective working dynamics.

How Leaders use our Workplace Mediation

Leaders use our workplace mediation to support the strategic development of their team in times of conflict and great change. Used as an additional tool, mediation can enable sustainable change for teams to work far more productively.

Using a range of tools that could include psychometrics, teamwork analysis and 1:1 conversations, we will analyse the challenges you face. This process is designed to uncover areas of conflict or potential conflict, whether of a personal or business nature. Issues may be as simple as a misalignment of business goals, or as complicated as some team members not valuing the work of others.

Using our considerable coaching and business experience, we will have 1:1s with all parties involved to build trust, understand the issues and the common ground.

We will then create a plan to enable the team to discuss the issues that are blocking progress in a non-judgmental and open way so that remedies can be sought, goals aligned and the changes for future success can be agreed.

“People often think or say they need help with strategic planning or change management, but stripping it back, the genuine barriers are often centred around communication and open dialogue.”


How We Work Together

Our tailored approach will involve a number of 1:1 meetings, facilitated group discussions off site, with follow up work to ensure successful implementation of agreed actions.

We meet with the parties involved to understand the issues from their perspective. We pay attention to working dynamics, styles, roles and responsibilities.

We design next steps which include a combination of individual 1:1s and facilitated sessions as a group.

It might be behavioural patterns that need to change, it might be role clarity, it might be historical issues that have never actually been addressed.

Those first conversations will surface the real issues.

By looking at each party’s contribution to the current dynamic, most parties find new perspectives and can often forge new working relationships that are stronger than before. Teams no longer need to use their previous “work around” solution and can resolve future issues more quickly.

“Suzanne is able to create an environment and space where difficult conversations and challenge can occur without anyone leaving feeling negative. I believe this is critical to the success of any work of this nature.”


Client Feedback

“She quickly creates trust and intimacy She doesn’t let anyone off the hook

She is very approachable and knows her stuff – but responds to what you want to achieve and is good at ensuring expectations are realistic”.


I like the way she follows through but without it feeling as if she is trying to get more work! Everyone wanted to work with her again because they got so much out of it.”


“Effective working relationships don’t always just happen as a matter of course and when they misfire or go wrong, the temptation for many is either to ditch the relationship and bring someone else in or just carry on and hope for the best. Both approaches can be extremely wasteful and costly… Hiring Suzanne is a very low risk and effective alternative. The awareness I developed…has made a real difference to me, to my ability to lead our company and has helped me clarify my goals for the future.”