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Enhancing Personal Leadership

Coaching top individuals, developing capability for optimum and sustainable performance.

It might simply be that you would welcome the space to clear your head and think out loud with someone independent to the business and whose only agenda is your success. The top job can be a lonely one.

Whatever the challenge, it is valuable having an experienced sounding board who understands the business environment and can challenge with effective questioning and listening, and offer different perspectives.

With space to reflect, refine and refocus, you will be challenged and supported so you can hear yourself think. You will work through complex issues more quickly and with greater clarity.

You will maximise your resources to greater effect.

Themes Clients Bring

Some leaders want the structured space to add to their strategic thinking. It might be a timely check before board meetings.

Some are dealing with such significant change that the safe non judgmental space, to work through issues affecting the whole organisation, enables a focus without distraction. The rigour of the coaching space ensures a laser like focus on the specifics of the task in hand whilst considering the longer term implications for people and the organisation.

Some are transitioning into their first role at this level (CEO, Chair as well as a first Strategic Leadership role) and value the space to think strategically about themselves as leaders.

  • Strategic Leadership
  • Leading major change
  • Leading self
  • Building capacity of your people
  • Moving from Expert to Leader
  • From National to Global, CEO to Chair
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Developing their leadership team
  • Developing the next generation of Leaders
  • Managing transition
  • Transformational Leadership v Transactional Leadership
  • Relationship with the board
  • What next?

Client Feedback

“Not only does Suzanne listen at a deeply reflective level, she has a great gift for providing feedback in a non judgemental way, as well as volunteering often valuable and insightful thoughts.”

Deputy CEO

“Suzanne latches on very quickly and insight-fully to body language, tone of voice, the words that aren’t being said. solutions always come from you, not her but prompted by exactly the right questions or nudges. i never feel that i am being guided towards what Suzanne thinks is the right answer, which has not always been my experience with other coaches. she is equally as powewrful with a group as with an individual.”


“Integrity coupled with warmth which enables her to challenge thinking without being confrontational. Judges when to draw on models/ published thinking etc but only uses these when they are really relevant to the conversation (or perhaps has realised that I don’t naturally work well with models and therefore uses them sparingly). Consistently makes me responsible for my thinking/actions – a genuine coaching relationship which never drifts into a ‘tell you the answer’ mode.”

Divisional Director

“Suzanne challenges your thinking in a way that empowers you. She will ask the difficult questions in a way that is non-threatening whilst also being forceful. She holds you to account in a subtle way that drives you to take ownership of your own learning agenda- one felt slightly grilled but very happy and motivated upon leaving a session

Her perceptiveness – she often saw things that I was slow to pick up in myself Her questioning – a great coach will ask the killer questions and she did this extremely well The atmosphere she creates in a session – challenging, focused, facinating, fun, a great learning environment”

Group HRD