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Executive Coaching

1:1 for strategic leaders: emerging, newly appointed and senior leaders.

At critical points in your career, you might benefit from some focussed and structured challenge and support.

You are a high achiever, with ambitious aims, wanting to achieve more.

Clients find they make quicker and more sustainable progress than when working alone.

They reap the benefits of insights from other industries, other leaders. They get to hear themselves think. Actions are clarified

How Leaders use our Executive Coaching

Leaders use our coaching time as a strategic tool to think through and address:

  • their own performance and impact within the business,
  • relationships and dynamics amongst the team and with key stakeholders,
  • their personal development
  • the what’s next that will keep them fresh and engaged particularly in these times of unprecedented pace and connectivity.

At a level where there is so little unfiltered feedback many leaders describe this time as their safe space in which they can critically reflect, without being judged; where they will be challenged, held to account, stretched and supported.

Clients have described our tailored coaching as re-energising, resourcing and generative.

“the facilitation of the types of conversation that enable higher level vision and strategy that can really put the energy behind planning and development to achieve much more than expected.”


How We Work Together

Most organisations will offer a programme of 12-16 hours of executive coaching over a period of 6-9 months. This is likely to include a tripartite session with coachee, sponsor and coach to agree coaching objectives. Most prefer to meet face to face but working on the phone (video and audio) will also be very insightful

Each coaching relationship begins with getting really clear on the individual and organisational need. We get really clear on measures and learning styles. We draw from a wide range of tools including feedback from the business, psychometrics, Harvard Business Review Articles, Business Models, Systems Thinking, the organisational leadership framework and values – these are just a few examples. Our work is bespoke and tailored to your individual and organisational needs.

“…it was uniquely tailored to my precise needs and challenges. I never felt that I was being given a “standard business coaching course”. To sum it up, I would say that Suzanne provided me with support on my own very personal journey of self-discovery – and that is going to be unique for every client.”


Client Feedback

“I’ve noticed that Suzanne establishes rapport and trust with people extremely quickly which lead to a willingness on their part to explore with her feelings and motivations at a deep level. This creates the foundation for very powerful and revealing conversations.”


“Commitment to the individual, warmth, helping her clients to get ‘unstuck’.”


“She gets people to open up and be honest. Creates a trusting and non-threatening environment. Makes people think about the real issues and questions they need to address.”


“She communicates with great empathy and is expert in leading people to a new state of self awareness.”


“Suzanne is perceptive to see beyond the objectives her client initially identifies. This enables her to help clients explore the root causes of their challenges. She will pick up on the smallest signal which suggests that what is being said is not the full picture. Without leading her clients during sessions, she enables those clients to make their own discoveries.”