Accelerating Top Team Performance for Client Service Teams

Coaching and facilitating client services, developing client strategy delivering client service excellence.

With focussed attention on your client’s needs, we align your insights and your client’s feedback to refine your strategic approach. You build a more integrated team.

Clarity on direction and purpose are fundamental to retaining your profile and your talent in an environment where competition for resources is so strong.

Themes Clients Bring

Client service teams under increasing pressure, to maximise their billable hours and build strong client relationships, value time as a team to strengthen how they work together and agree strategic direction of the account.

Most teams hold significant insight which no CRM system seems able to manage in real time.

  • Navigating complex organisations
  • Building the client service team
  • Building strategic firm wide client relationships
  • Strategic development
  • Harnessing the firm’s assets
  • Relationship planning
  • Stakeholder management (internally and externally)
  • Building alliances
  • Success planning
  • Delivering excellence
  • Preparing for the bid
  • Team dynamics

Client Feedback

“She helps build the excitement in the team by seeing the possibilities and breaking things down into practical tangible steps.”

Global LCSP

“She asks great questions, questioning the why we’re doing things and helping the team think strategically about the senior stakeholders.”

Global LCSP

“We’ve built such trust that her value to me as LCSP is also very personal to me and my leadership. She offers feedback in a very practical way, offering tangible insights on what she’s seen and heard, always with my aims and ambitions in mind.”

Global Lead Client Service Partner (Global LCSP)

“Really value her personal feedback to me as LCSP: its specific, personal and practical.”

Global LCSP

“She’s good at raising the level of ambition and giving confidence to the team to be ambitious and realistic.”

Global LCSP